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PODCAST: Restaurant Business - How Landlords View The Future of Restaurants

Jeff Brand, founder of Brand Partners, a Dallas-based broker and the owner of several developments, discusses what his company did in the aftermath of states banning dine-in service at restaurants. He also talks about his views on the industry from a landlord’s perspective and provides advice for operators in their dealings with landlords.

National Restaurant Association Restaurant Reopening Guide

As state and local governments consider reopening their economies in response to COVID-19, the Association has assembled a group of experts, led by Larry Lynch, Senior Vice President of Certification & Operations, from the Food and Drug Administration, academia, and the public health sector, to draft guidance for restaurants that guide state governments and align with opening plans.

Free Food Handler and Safety Courses

ServSafe and the National Restaurant Association are committed to supporting restaurant workers by offering a free ServSafe Food Handler course and exam.

Watch webinar: Preparing your restaurant for surging delivery during COVID-19

Provided by Ordermark

Watch webinar: Managing your business through the Coronavirus

Provided by Hub International

Get your gift cards noticed

Register your restaurant to get your gift cards added to Rally for Restaurants

Sign the petition to "Save America's Restaurants

Award-winning and celebrity chefs and restauranteurs across the country (including Alice Waters, Curtis Stone and Reem Assil, among many more) have started a fast-growing petition calling for an aid package that could save their restaurants during this ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Join dining bonds

To help ensure the survival of these restaurants, many of which are family owned, the PR industry has banded together to create a campaign called "Dining Bonds." These bonds work just like savings bonds, where guests can purchase a bond at a value rate today, to be redeemed for full face value in the future.

60-days free with Chowly

Get your POS connected with Uber Eats, GrubHub etc for free for 60-days with Chowly’s COVID-19 Relief Response supports bartenders

This national data analytics hospitality company for consumers, bars, and restaurants, announced the launch of a $100,000 Go Fund Me fundraising campaign titled ‘Hospitality Industry Associates Fund’ in support of individuals in the bar industry community who are affected by COVID-19.